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Sold! 46 Vientos, Camarillo - Represented Buyers

My buyers had been looking in this neighborhood FOREVER and we finally found them the perfect home! It didn't come without it's ups and downs though - we had many unexpected things come up so I acted quickly and got several inspections and estimates in a very short amount of time.

Thankfully I was able to negotiate an amazing price for them, we got it for over $150K UNDER ASKING due to the age and condition of the home. Now they'll have all that extra cash to put their own stamp on the home and make it their own!

As a realtor, it's so much more than just 'finding' a home - we meet inspectors, call and coordinate estimates for repairs, answer phone calls and emails at all hours - all to make the dreams and needs of our clients a reality. I love what I do - knowing that future holidays, birthdays, barbeques, laughter, and love will all take place in a home I had a part of procuring is one of the many reasons I became a Realtor!


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